Roller Skating VS Roller Blading.

Wheel Arrangement, Number, and Attachment

But the number of wheels on each skate type isn’t the only noticeable difference. The wheels on a quadskate are organized into a sort of rectangular shape. In contrast, the wheels on an inline skate stand one beside the other, forming a straight line under the frame.

Boot Type and Flexibility

Boot type is another distinguishing aspect. With rollerskates, the boot looks like the upper of a regular shoe. And while this boot provides enough support to the ankle, it’s not super stiff and flexes quite a bit which promotes ability appreciably.

Skate Speed; What Skate is Faster?

Rollerblades have larger wheels than rollerskates. And because inline skates have larger wheels, they’re remarkably faster. That’s why they’re the better bet for speed skating. Inline skates are also preferable over quadskates for when you’re planning on burning a little body fat through long-distance skating.

Where the Skate is Used

Typically, people get into quads for indoor skating, like in a roller rink. Have you ever watched folks roller dancing around an arena on wheels? If you’d cared to look, you’d have noticed they wore quad skates rather than inline skates.

Skate Stability and Agility

If you’ve never skated before, you’d probably find it easier to stand and balance on quad skates than on inline skates. Also, quads feel more stable when you’re skating slowly on a less challenging such as a smooth surface.

The Braking System and Ease of Stopping

Stopping quads seems to be a little easier than inline skates. Quads feature a braking system on the front, and the brake looks like a knob. To stop a roller-skate, drag your toe a certain way and that’s it. I’ll explain how to stop a roller-skate and a rollerblade in a future post.

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