Margherita                 -   R80

Pizza With Topping   -   R110

- James Brown

- Hawaiian

- Greek

- Spicy Chicken

- Parma Ham

- Anchovy

- Bolognaise

Additional meat topping R18

Additional veg topping R12’

Other food

Popcorn                                            - R12

Candy floss                                       - R15

Crisps                                               - R12

Chocolates – assorted                      - R12

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Sodas                                                   - R18

Ice tea, Apple and Graptiser                - R18

Water 500ml                                        - R10

All coffees – (large)                            - R 28

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Homemade ice Cream

1 scoop                                          - R25
2 scoops                                        - R39
3 scoops                                        - R51

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RollEgoli welcomes you to our free-skating fun park in the heart of Bryanston.. RollEgoli was born mid 2015, inspired by the owner's love for the activity when she was a child growing up not far from where the rink is today. Whilst she was able to skate on the parking lot of the flat building down the road and up and down its passages, our urban areas are becoming increasingly unsafe and open spaces are dwindling. 

We have skate mates that our beginner skaters can push around the rink. This gives them support and confidence until they can skate unsupported. They cost R50/hour.

Our rental skate room has 500 pairs of roller skates ranging from a junior size 10 up to an adult 13. We have 68 pairs of adjustable roller blades ranging from a junior size 9 to and adult 9.
In our garden we have a wooden jungle gym with a huge trampoline surounded by a smooth scooter track. Connecting 2 of our big old trees 3m above the ground is our “Bridge of Courage". Acces to it is up a climbing wall on the one side and at the other end of the bridge is a 3m tall fireman's pole for the kids to slide down onto a soft mat, allowing them to conquer their fear of heights.